love was much a better weapon.

He was up in the clouds,

beating himself up,

leaving trails of his past self..

From Matilda (the bitch) to the

Broomhall just ‘being’ and watching others

‘being’ and ‘doing’.

And if He closed his eyes he could ‘be’ somewhere else,

but then wake up to the ongoing nightmare,

of three years

of violence of conflict..

He asks: is there not enough pain

where is the love?

He had looked in a higher place

looked at a lower place

all he knew is this place

we call home

is where, that everything is wrong

there to remind him

each day

and the play for today

is the same as it always

has been

just pretend

just pretend

the end is nigh

inside he would cry,

outside he bullshits

just an structure

of lies

been told,

it will be alright

as the foot stands

on his head

one is drowning

fast in nothingness.

That you are a friend

love will overcome

it has been closer

than hate of late

sleep is an escape

He often dreams of

the pain

the relieve and when they meet

He smiles..

He came here to escape

the dream

of dystopia

the nightmare of utopia

He found a metropolis,

of urban paranoia

of people

of their disfigured lives,

in an everyday manifestation

of anger, hate and violence

there was no silence,

no walking from the ruins

of his past armageddon

it was his hat full of hollow.

Matilda was a bitch

a whore who fucked you

to near death

then left you upon

the ruins of your mistakes.

It takes a human to be kind

a Basterd never to forgive

not deal with their fear

three years

He still stood the better person

though there has been thoughts

of mass killings

from the vine to the washington

in between

the thoughts have been

just that

and people have been more than


He had come to a truce

the day shall dawn

And shall not have to be

the sum of himself

in this world we can be free

from history

it being just a reputation,

to keep those prisoners

of ideology.

One day he shall be just ‘being’ and watching others

‘being’ and ‘doing’.

And if He closed his eyes he need not ‘be’ somewhere else.


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