Scotland Yard Scot-Free

So no charges against the police for the death of Ian Tomlinson. This latest case of what many consider injustice is par for the course in action taken against Scotland Yard if we glance back through history:

In 1974, student Kevin Gately was killed during a protest against the National Front, although proving The Met were responsible for the fatal blow to his head has so far been impossible. At another National Front protest, teacher Blair Peach was killed after being hit in the head by The Met, according to eyewitnesses, but no inquiry was held. In 1985, London saw its own riots, in Brixton, following The Met’s killing of black woman Cherry Groce and then, only a week later, searching the home of another black woman, Cynthia Jarrett, who died of a heart attack as a result. In 1993, immigrant Joy Gardner died of a brain haemorrhage during a raid on her flat, with three Met officers tried for manslaughter, but later acquitted. When, in 1994, asylum seeker Oluwashijibomi “Shiji” Lapite died after one officer held him by the neck while the other kicked him in the head, an inquest recorded a verdict of unlawful killing, yet no charges whatsoever were brought. In 1995, The Met fractured the skull of Brian Douglas, killing him, and Wayne Douglas died in police custody, prompting more riots in Brixton. In 1996, asylum seeker Ibrahima Sey died in custody, with no officers prosecuted or even disciplined.

While G20 policing as a whole was certainly strategically flawed and with that in mind serious injuries and even a death was perhaps inevitable, the fact no charges have been brought in this case as well only exacerbates the public’s cynicism and distrust in the police force.

Written by Jay Baker for TheNewsPortal.Net


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