Jackboots they are on the march
The eagle’s on the wing
The fascists raise their ugly heads
And uber alles sing
Through the streets of Stuttgart
Hitlerites they prance
An insult to the memory
Of my brother killed in France

Called up for the army
In nineteen thirty nine
A khaki suit and rifle
Go fight the fascist swine
Til one day in Normandy
Nineteen forty five
Died on a bloody battlefield
But Hitler’s still alive.

When the war was over
At Nuremburg the cry
To justify the millions dead
Build the gallows high
The persecution of the Jews
The tale goes on and on
Yet we find in Israel
Jews with jackboots on.

You’ll find that politicians
For a nickel or a dime
Pull on a pair of jackboots
Start legalising crime
Their mouths are full of promises
For the peasants paradise
And when the war is over
They promise you more lies

So all you workers on the march
Let nout get out your sight
Look and see what lies ahead
But don’t forget the fight
While lackies lick the jackboots
And hail the master race*
When you ask them for your rights
The jackboot’s in your face

Jock Purdon


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