Antique Doll

Antique Doll bring us a much more gentle, delicate blend of sounds. They harmonise and play gorgeous melodies which hang delicately in the air of the rapidly filling room.’ Counterfeit Magazine….

‘Stripped down acoustic instrumentation with haunting female/male vocal harmonies that recall eerie ’70s kids TV shows like Children of the Stones and The Owl Service as much as they do Donovan, Vashti Bunyan or The Wicker Man soundtrack…’ Shindig Magazine….

We shall not talk about the other two bands on this Drowned in Sound night at The Harley, but a lot of hype for nothing that we could say in a positive, thanks to Antique Doll who saved the night, and it is a shame there was only around 20 people to them, but how wonderful they are this is one to watch.

No hype this is just the simple truth facts speak for themselves go see them next time there playing, if they disappoint like the rest of this night did where we had to leave, then we will be more than happy to give a refund.

Four pounds door tax we are only hoping Antique Doll got paid, we would be more than happy to pay four pounds to see them once more, in fact there is no doubt we shall.

This weekend of the May Bank Holiday looks a good one, The last night at The Stockroom Sat night, Friday night Jody Wildgose is playing allong with OB-long/ Violet May who are also playing Sat day up at Three Merry lads and Monday at Soyo Live, oh yes The Crooks are down in the smoke recording a full album, so all is not lost with Sheffield Music, but there is to much hype around Drowned in Sound, it seems the DIY side of Sheffield offers more, so just why is The Stockroom Closing?


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