“Fish & Fowl” Lyn Hodnett Solo Exhibition

Is an exhibition of new works by another award winning locally based artist who continues to develop her easily recognisable and distinctive style. Cupola is delighted to welcome back Lyn for her fifth solo show. A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, Lyn has won several national art prizes, including the British Airways Young Achievers in Art Award. She is currently involved in numerous community arts projects and school workshops.


This new body of work sees a single powerful and often very beautiful woman at the center of almost every image. Women have always played a central role in Lyn’s work but these women seem more serious more assure, more powerful and more commanding than ever. These simple compositions feature single (isolated) women with (often) either fish or birds painted using a fairly dark colour palette to give extra symbolic weight to both the figure and the fish or birds sharing ‘stage’.


I dislike openings, had a good reason for not going, walking into Cupola Gallery is always a pleasure, i have liked and loved the work of Lyn, it has been a polite kick in the head, “fish & fowl” is powerful and strong, stood looking at The catch and the other body of work was a joy, here we are in Sheffield bidding for the city of culture 2013.. Cupola Gallery is out of town, a tram ride in fact but it is good to make the effort, once more it did not disappoint this is a distinctive place, has become the home to the work of Lyn Hodnett hung on simple white washed walls, it has to be seen so get yourself a day rider for The Supertram go have a look well worth that three pounds indeed.


“These images are reminiscent of ‘tableau’ as they seem to be almost realistic ‘stills’ from (in this instance) an unknown or unknowing story. The details used in this current body of work, empty fields, crows, dark seas, single fish, empty nets, twilight and stormy skies, give a dark and slightly sinister feel to these alluring and rather sexy paintings.”
Karan Sherwood (Director) Cupola Gallery 178 Middlewood Road Sheffield


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