The ugly obscurity of herself.

The omnipresent obscurity of herself was an attraction 
that turned into something fatal he fell in love with the
obscurity of herself kissed her gentle face holding 
her softness they undressed each other then swam in the lake
her swam in oblivious oblivion holding the
now naked obscurity of herself her breast was neither big
either omnipresent he kissed holding the obscurity of herself
getting dressed naked n wet he was not going to forget
as they smoked some more grass her long hair
hung over the softens off the obscurity of herself when home
the dark chestnut brown hung over her breast that was
neither big either omnipresent in this moment oblivious oblivion
there love making was a utopian utopia he got
lost in the obscurity of herself the oblivious oblivion of the moment
his mind has never come back from the darkness of her
madness it haunts him taunts him like a occupation
of his mind the ugly obscurity of herself.

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